At JT Productions, we actively seek to reduce our carbon footprint.

E-mails are only printed if completely necessary
All printing is on recycled paper wherever possible
When printing, solid ink laser printers are used*
All documents are securely shredded** and then recycled
All woods, plastics and glass are recycled wherever possible
Air travel is only used when necessary and when doing so, we contribute to offset carbon emissions

JTP web & FTP hosting is powered solely on renewable energy. We believe in a sustainable society for all and that every business has a role in this responsibility. We have therefore made a strong commitment to fight pollution and preserve our natural resources. Our hosting now uses wind, water and solar power in accordance with the Renewable Energy Certification System (RECS). 

*Solid ink printers produce 5lbs of landfill waste compared to 157lbs for a typical laser printer for every 100,000 pages printed
**Cross cut shredding